Rules & Regulations

1) The hostel is only for girls who opt education. This hostel is not for working ladies.

2) Long termed illness sufferer will not be allowed.

3) If the rules aren’t followed, the respective person will not be allowed to stay.

4) As when you accurately complete your studies you should be leaving the hostel and along with that you have to accompany your baggage, if kept it will not be the responsibility of the hostel or else you have to pay the fees of the duration time you’ve keeping your bag in the hostel.

5) When you leave the hostel you have to show the locker given to you and other objects provided to the supervisor.

6) From 8.00 pm to 7.00 am no one is allowed to go out of the premise.

7) Your pupil will be allowed a holiday only once in a month and also on the assured days of festivals. The pupil should return from home on the date established for reporting and this will be a prior responsibility of the parents.

8) The pupil will not be allowed to meet anyone else then their GAURDIAN/MOTHER/FATHER. If anyone else want to meet the pupil it would not be allowed without the permission of GAURDIAN/MOTHER/FATHER. And the presence of any one person of the above will be mandatory for the meeting.

9) If you want to complain/suggest anything in terms of the hostel it will be accepted in a letter form.

10) The cleanliness of your clothes, room and food supplementary vessels will be the pupils responsibility.

11) The pupil will be allowed to meet outsiders in the respected time permitted.

12) No parents will be allowed to stay at night in the hostel. The male guardian will only be allowed to the management office of the hostel and they will not be allowed to enter the room premise of the girls.

13) The pupil who is not at all interested in studying will not be allowed to stay and if there admission is granted previously it will be removed.

14) The total fee 16,000 rs. to stay in the hostel for a year should be provided at the initial stage and along with it the deposit of 5,000 should be payed. (At the time of leaving the hostel the deposit will be given back to you.)

15) For the next year before the completion of the deadline otherwise 1,500 rs will be taken per month. The pupil who have not payed the fees for 6 months will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.

16) If the room-mates complain about your pupil, the pupil might have to leave the hostel.

17) The whole-sole right to change the rules or to enforce the new rules will be the responsibility of managing trustees.